Reviewers Guidelines

· Reviewer should check whether the assigned article truly match their expertise as the Editor may not know expertise of each reviewer.
· All the selected reviewers must adhere and follow the guidelines formed by IJCSIT editorial board.
· Reviewer must review the assigned paper thoroughly in specified time.
· Reviewer must follow the blind review process to ensure the quality and for unbiased review.
· All the review observations & feedback must be provided in the review form.Reviewers must highlight the part(s) of submitted manuscripts that require modifications from authors.
· If reviewers find any paper suitable for publishing even then critical remarks should be given in order to improve the quality of manuscripts.
· Reviewers must check that the formatting and style of original manuscripts are strictly adhering the paper template of IJCSIT.
· Editorial board of IJCSIT has every right to override any suggestion or remarks given by reviewers and the decision should not be ruled out by reviewer(s).